Property Inventory Services for Landlords, Tenants and Managing Agencies in London &
Surrey with a guarantee on all reports including meter readings, smoke alarms, keys.


Since 2017, we have been trusted with over 50,000 reports and grown into a market leader of inventory services across all of London, Surrey and Middlesex.

At Smart Inventories London, we understand the importance of accurate and detailed property inventory reports. Whether you’re a landlord, a letting agent, or a tenant, our professional services ensure that every aspect of your property is meticulously documented.

Our Services

Check-In Reports

A comprehensive report conducted at the start of a tenancy, ensuring an accurate record of the property's condition.

Check-Out Reports

A thorough assessment conducted at the end of a tenancy, allowing for fair deposit negotiations.

Mid-Term Inspection

A mid-tenancy review to monitor the property's condition and address any potential issues.

Snagging Report

Detailed lists to document any defects or unfinished work in a newly built property.


  • NEXT WORKING DAY REPORTS: We understand the pace of the property market. That’s why we pride ourselves on delivering prompt services without compromising quality.
  •  LONDON’S LEADING EXPERTS: With 6 years of experience in the industry, we’ve established ourselves as the go-to experts for property inventory reports in the city.
  • THOROUGH DOCUMENTATION: Our team meticulously examines every nook and cranny of the property, leaving no detail overlooked. From fixtures and fittings to the condition of the walls, we ensure a comprehensive and accurate report.
  • UNBIASED REPORTING: Our commitment to neutrality guarantees that our reports are unbiased and fair, offering an objective view of the property’s condition.
  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: We employ the latest technology to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of our reports, providing you with clear and easy-to-understand documentation.
  • CUSTOMISED SOLUTIONS: We recognize that every property is unique. Our services can be tailored to meet your needs, ensuring you receive the required information.


Lotus CuiLotus Cui
10:41 20 Sep 23
Smart Inventories London provides high-quality services. The team is patient and highly professional. I would definitely recommend.
Motivational MindframeMotivational Mindframe
16:48 14 Sep 23
I have used smart inventories for over 5 years and they are always quick and efficient with their timescales and reporting.They have a simple format which makes check in and check outs easy.Always easy to work with and good customer service
Roby RoldanRoby Roldan
15:39 14 Sep 23
Smart Inventories London are fantastic to deal with, we’ve worked with them for over 6 years! Professional approach, good communication, timely and accurate reports.
James WaltonJames Walton
14:26 07 Sep 23
We have used Smart Inventories for over 10 years now and the best thing about them is they don’t let you down!! 5 star
Dana Shami-KaraketDana Shami-Karaket
08:53 06 Sep 23
Punctual, available and very organised. I’ve been using them since 2018…. Highly recommend


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